How It Works

Free Online Application
– No Obligation

Looking for a cosmetic procedure or elective surgery, but can’t afford the cost right now? No problem. Get a quote from your doctor or clinic, and apply for financing online in just a few minutes.

Complete the online application process by giving us some details about yourself, how much the procedure will cost, and which doctor or clinic you’ll be wanting to use.


Get Approved

Once we receive all your information, we’ll respond to you within 48 hours to let you know if your application has been approved.

If approved, we will contact your doctor or clinic to let them know that Inkfin will be financing the procedure and make the necessary payment arrangements with them.


We Pay the Clinic

You are now ready to book your procedure and we’ll pay the doctor or clinic on your behalf. It’s that simple!

You will repay us in 6 or 12 monthly instalments, or you can choose to pay it off sooner and save money.

You repay your loan over the repayment period you selected*, but you can also choose to pay it off sooner with NO penalties to save you money.

Once you’ve paid off your loan, you can go get further procedures done and we start the process all over again. Look as amazing as you’ve always wanted, and never have to pay upfront again. So simple.

Do I Qualify?

Getting an Inkfin loan is quick and easy. As long as you have a steady income and a good credit record, our team is focused on helping you get the finance you need to re-create yourself. We at InkFin have helped thousands of other individuals with life-changing procedures, so we know what this financing will mean to you.

What Do I Pay?

Inkfin has a very simple lending process. We calculate the exact interest and fees as prescribed by the National Credit Regulator and there are no other hidden costs.

Let’s say you choose to pay your loan off over 12 months. Using our sliding calculator on this website, you can select the amount you need and see what it will cost you approximately every month. You can then proceed to apply online for your loan by answering a few easy questions about yourself. Once we receive your application and all the necessary documents, we first make sure that you are not under debt review or debt recovery and that you’re in a position to afford the monthly repayments comfortably. If approved, we will show you exactly what the loan will cost you, ask you what day of the month suits you and what the repayment amounts will be.

Let’s use an example of a repayment plan: For a R2,000 permanent make up procedure paid off over 12 months, you will pay approximately R292.00 per month and the total cost of your Tattoo loan will only be R3506.00. It’s a lot easier to get looking like you have always dreamed, when you can afford those monthly repayments versus trying to find R2000 cash in one go! All thanks to InkFin….the only company in South Africa helping people with looking more confident about themselves!

*Calculations and may differ from time to time, in accordance to changes to the National Credit Act and current repo rate

Funding Calculator

First select your loan amount on the slider below

Remember to first get a quote from the clinic.


Then choose your repayment term

For a 6 month loan or shorter please choose an amount of R8000 or less

Monthly beauty loan repayment amount including loan fees:

Monthly Installments R Total R
These repayment values are estimates of what your repayments will be, including your loan initiation fee and mandatory debit order collection fees.